Software Training Courses

Education and training are vital to every successful transportation management system implementation. Georef understands the challenges of keeping your staff’s skills and knowledge up to date. With Software Training from Georef you can protect and enhance both your software and human resources investment. Georef is known for our personal, hands-on approach to learning with quality training materials and suitable technology. All of Georef’s standardized software training courses are developed and updated by our knowledgeable staff.
Each Georef software training course is designed to support users of our GIS based transportation solution. Our reputation for excellence in transportation management and education is built on a hands-on approach to professional learning. Students are provided with certificates of completion for each course taken.

Our training facility in Waterloo, Ontario is equipped with the latest technology, both hardware and software. Class sizes are restricted to maximize instructor-student interaction. Upon course completion, students receive a comprehensive training manual complete with lecture notes, exercises, and data.

Georef currently offers 10 standardized training courses for new users, advanced users, administrators, and managers. New training courses are being created in response to customer feedback.

Benefits of Georef Software Training:
  • Get the most out of your software investment.
  • Courses are developed by Georef - the makers of the software.
  • Courses are led by experienced and knowledgeable Georef instructors.
  • Hands-on exercises and instruction reinforce course teaching.
  • Students receive official certificates to track course completion.
  • On-site training is available to save your organization time and money.
  • Customized training courses are available to meet your individual technology or business process needs.

Interactive Training Courses & Skills Workshops

Georef offers a variety of instructor-led, interactive courses that explain pupil transportation planning concepts, explore Georef’s applications and teach participants to use the software modules and related technologies that apply to them. Instructor-led courses combine personal delivery, hands-on experience and class participation to create a rich learning environment. With class time divided between lectures and exercises and Georef’s one person per computer teaching philosophy at our modern training facilities, attendees have ample time to practice their skills and apply what they learn.

Mobile Training Centre

To provide you with quality software and technology training at your convenience, we have created the BusPlanner Mobile Training Centre. This Mobile Training Centre is a set of current notebook computers loaded with Georef’s software and the course data required to deliver our training course at your location - no set up is required by those hosting the training. Georef instructors will travel to your site and provide standard (or customized) training courses for your organization, resulting in significant time and cost savings for you. Training courses available include both software usage and Administration topics. In addition, courses can be tailored to meet the specific business needs of your organization.

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